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What We Do

We Take Care of Your Small Design Tasks

If you need any kind of small design tasks like social media images, banners or bookmarks done for you, than look no further. Instead of spending time doing it yourself or looking for a separate freelancer, you can have a stable team of designers doing the work and you can spend your time writing instead!

NOTE: We don’t do things like book covers or website designs, so they are not included in pricing.

What Our Clients Say

I can’t recommend enough. They did a fantastic set of images that I use for everything: twitter ads, FB ads, bookmarks, stickers, etc. If you use social media and make swag, it’s a great service. They gave me a lot of different versions so I can mix it up day to day.

Emily Wibberley

Best Selling Author of Sacrificed: The Last Oracle

I’m really impressed. It’s great work and great value, and team has been on the ball about turning around graphics in virtually no time.

Sean Campbell

Author of Dead On Demand

How It Works

1. Pick Your Package

You pick the package you want from Pricing&Services page. Each package has different amount of designs available and pen names allowed. Depending on how much promotion online you do, one of the packages will be good for your needs, whether you just do an occasional tweet or Facebook update a week, or you post daily, there is a package for you.

Feel free to get in touch with us through Contact form to consult on which package would be best for you before ordering!

2. Ordering the Designs

Once you have your package picked, you will need to pay for it using Paypal or any Credit Card. Then all work and discussions back and forth will happen in email. You will just need to email us your design task to specific email address with some information – what kind of design, what size it should be, where it will be used and what brand it has to match, etc. If you need we’ll consult you about what design could be good etc. All communication happens through emails, so it’s simple and quick.

3. Design Process

We will deliver the design concepts back to you in an email, in about 36-48hrs. Pick one you like most and then we would work on revisions if needed! We don’t limit revisions for that at this point in time.

Once a design is done, you can order the next design whenever you need again with a new email message! All of this process is email only so no need for separate log-ins, passwords or apps etc.

Commonly Requested Tasks

Facebook Timeline Cover

Twitter Images

Facebook Ad Images


Header for a Website

Any Other Website Graphics


Advertising Banner

Quote Graphic

Our Pricing for One-Off Orders

Why Choose Us?

Your Own Team

Instead of spending time looking for designers online, you will have one team that works with you constantly and understands your brand.

Save Time

Learning to design takes time and effort. It’s Opportunity Cost is that you don’t get to be writing or doing your book marketing. So while DIY saves money in a way, in different way, it loses money too. This service is perfect for those who value their time an piece of mind over anything else!

Get More Attention

With great design you can get more attention to your books. Posts with images get more attention on social media than text only images (just go to your Twitter or Facebook to see how they impact what you look at).

Money Back Guarantee

You can get 100% of your money back if you paid and haven’t used more than 20% of designs for the monthly quota. Otherwise, refunds are also available but the amount will be dependent on situation. Just to keep it fair for both sides.

No Long Contracts

There are no long term contracts that trap you. You can cancel any time if you want and haven’t used more than 20% of your monthly package design quota.

Speedy and Friendly Service

We’re here to serve authors and improve design quality in our industry. We deliver designs fast (anywhere between 24-48 hrs depending on the design complexity and specifications). Another goal for us is to develop good understanding on what each client likes style-wise, that does take time but is a good way to increase design quality and results for author’s promotions.


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